Snarky Puppy shine on newly released bonus track, “Chrysalis”

    Shimmering jazz splendour.

    Snarky Puppy
    Image: Stella K / Snarky Puppy official website

    Snarky Puppy have released “Chrysalis,” the second bonus track from their latest album, Immigrance, which dropped in March.

    The song is aptly named: Over the course of five minutes, it transitions between differently inspired pockets of sound, and ultimately culminates in a crash of jazz splendour.

    Tenor saxophonist Bob Reynolds, who composed “Chrysalis,” detailed the creative process behind the song on his website, calling its title “an appropriate metaphor for the experience of composing music.” He elaborated: “Lots of internal work the world never sees and at the end, if you’re lucky, a song emerges. The contrasting sections and modulations in ‘Chrysalis’ reminded me of that metamorphosis.”

    “During the Immigrance sessions, we recorded more songs than we could squeeze onto the album,” bandleader and bassist Michael League added in a press release. “So, over the course of the year, we’ll be releasing three brand-new, full-length compositions by Bill Laurance, Marcelo Woloski and Bob Reynolds, as well as extended versions of three of the album’s tracks.”

    Laurance’s composition, “Embossed,” was released in April. Listen to “Chrysalis” now: