SEED Ensemble debut with ‘Driftglass’

The London ten-piece’s first-ever album is out now.

London ten-piece SEED Ensemble have dropped their debut album, Driftglass, that embraces dreams of the future while grappling with tragedies in the present.

The advance single “Afronaut,” and several other tracks themed around space travel, telegraph the record’s Afrofuturist orientation. But the ensemble—led by composer and saxophonist Cassie Kinoshi—still remain grounded in their community, remembering the Grenfell Tower fire of 2017 in “WAKE (For Grenfell).”

“SEED Ensemble is my way of celebrating the vibrant and distinctive diversity that has significantly influenced what British culture has become over the centuries,” Kinoshi told The Vinyl Factory. “It’s important to me that I shine a light on political subject matter which is often disregarded by the masses and highlight what it means to exist as a young Black British citizen today.”


Stream Driftglass below:

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