Sarathy Korwar, Upaj Collective share “Elephant Hangover”

From their upcoming direct-to-disc sessions for Night Dreamer.

London-based drummer Sarathy Korwar and his Upaj Collective have announced their upcoming Night Dreamer Direct-to-Disc Sessions by releasing the track, “Elephant Hangover.”

With a hypnotic array of whirring sounds, tones and rolling toms, “Elephant Hangover” offers an enthralling soundscape. It’s one of five tracks that will appear on Korwar and his Collective’s direct-to-disc recording for the Night Dreamer label, out next month.

“Recording in one take, direct-to-disc is a unique scenario to be in,” Korwar shared on Bandcamp. “I decided very early on that in order to make the best use of this scenario, the music had to be completely improvised and spontaneous. That is the only true way to record within the limitations of one take. No regrets, no mistakes, no fear and no judgement. These were the ideals.


“In a way, this was about creating a utopian vision of a world I would like to live in. A microcosm of the ideals that I would like to live by, in the recording studio. The vision of going into the studio with this in mind, was more important than the resulting music we created. Process over product.”

Over the years, Night Dreamer has worked with a list of impressive artists on direct-to-disc sessions, taking inspiration from iconic Blue Note live recordings. Last year, Gary Bartz collaborated with Maisha for a recording. For his turn, Korwar played alongside Tamar Osborn on saxophone, Achuthan Sripathamanathan on violin, Giuliano Modarelli on guitar and Alistair MacSween on keys.

Last July, Korwar released his second studio album More Arriving. Earlier this year, he followed up with the Bandcamp exclusive “Turner on the 20” and the Otherland project.


Korwar and the Upaj Collective’s Night Dreamer Direct-to-Disc Sessions will arrive on November 27. Listen to “Elephant Hangover” here:

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