Ryuichi Sakamoto readies 20th anniversary reissue of ‘BTTB’

Featuring a collection of bonus tracks.

Ryuichi Sakamoto has announced a reissue of BTTB to celebrate the seminal album’s 20th anniversary.

The reissue, which arrives on September 26, will comprise the original 1998 tracklist as well as several tunes compiled from other editions of BTTB. “Snake Eyes” and “Tong Poo” are taken from a 1999 edition of the record, “Reversing” is off an international version, and “Energy Flow” comes from the single, Ura-BTTB.

When the Japanese pianist dropped BTTB, the LP—its title stands for “Back to the Basics”—was heralded as a return to his roots. It was his first studio album that comprised only original piano compositions, a marked change from Sakamoto’s genre-hopping excursions at the time.


And the two decades since have been a whirlwind for Sakamoto, whose personal life took a turn for the worse in 2014, when he was diagnosed with cancer. He took a year-long hiatus to battle the disease, and returned as hungry as ever. The score for The Revenant and 2017’s critically acclaimed async followed, as did a film documenting his recovery, Coda. So the 20th anniversary edition of BTTB couldn’t have come at a better time.

Listen to “Energy Flow” here:

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