Russ Lossing drops eclectic new album ‘Metamorphism’

Including tributes to two late jazz greats.

Pianist and composer Russ Lossing has just shared an intriguing new record titled Metamorphism, featuring musical tributes to two late jazz musicians.

For the album, Lossing recruited three of his long-time collaborators: drummer Michael Sarin, bassist John Hébert and alto saxophonist Loren Stillman. The record is infused with a loose, impressionistic quality, beginning with the taut call-and-response patterns of “Three Treasures” before giving way to the laid-back ebb-and-flow of “Sojourn.”

It’s followed by the brooding “Metamorphism,” a tribute to late drummer and composer Paul Motian. Its title references not only the improvisational nature of the piece, but strangely also Motian’s email address.


“Mai,” like its preceding track, starts somber but soon picks up the pace to segue into a percussion-heavy interlude, “Pileatus.” “Blind Horizon” is yet another musical eulogy, paying respect to late pianist Andrew Hill by echoing his spacious style. The last two tracks are the jaunty, danceable “June Jig” and the erratic “Canto 24,” marked by a constantly shifting rhythm that makes it an apt closer for Metamorphism.

This new record is Lossing’s latest release since last year’s Mood Suite. In 2020, Lossing also featured on horn player Kazuki Yamanaka’s Dancer in Nirvana, as well as Jeff Davis’ The Fastness.

Stream Metamorphism below:


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