Ruby Rushton return with new single, “Eleven Grapes”

The Tenderlonious-led jazz quartet will release their new album, ‘Ironside,’ in April.

Ruby Rushton, the experimental jazz outfit led by flautist and 22a label head Tenderlonious, have announced their new album, Ironside. The first single off their forthcoming project, “Eleven Grapes,” is out now.

The song, written and arranged by keyboardist Aidan Shephard, is an energetic number built around Tenderlonious’ passionate flute playing and driven by Shephard’s hypnotic synths. The other members aren’t left out either: Nick Walters and Tim Carnegie also get their turn to shine on the trumpet and drums respectively.

In an official statement, Tenderlonious explained that the record is “more disciplined and thought-out” compared to his 2018 solo LP, The Shakedown. “The Shakedown was a free, unplanned jam, but [Ironside] has detailed arrangements with lots of changes,” he said. “The tracks [on Ironside] are shorter, too––they’re more concise, as is the whole thing, which makes it more accessible. I like the idea that people can play the album quickly, then play it all over again.”


Ironside will arrive April 5 on 22a. Listen to “Eleven Grapes” below:

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