Ron Miles shares elegant new song, “The Rumor”

Another taste of the cornetist’s Blue Note Records debut.

Ron Miles has shared “The Rumor” from Rainbow Sign, his upcoming album on Blue Note Records.

“The Rumor” is an elegant, refined composition with crisp cymbals, muted tom rolls and perfectly balanced instrumental interplay. Miles’ quintet is composed of pianist Jason Moran, guitarist Bill Frisell, bassist Thomas Morgan and drummer Brian Blade.

“They’re my favorite players on their instruments,” Miles gushed in a statement. “If I had to make a Mount Rushmore of every instrument, those brothers would all be in there: Brian and Bill, Jason and Thomas. They are just the greatest band I could ever hope to play with.”


Miles’ band encouraged him to record “The Rumor,” a composition he was initially unsure about. “I wrote that and was like ‘I don’t know.’ I have a serious sweet tooth in music,” he recalled. “I remember playing it for Jason like, ‘Check this out.’ And he said ‘Oh no, brother, we’ve got to do this.’ These brothers are always so supportive in that regard.”

The group also played on Miles’ 2017 solo LP I am a Man. The new LP collects nine original compositions from Miles, including previously released single “Queen of the South.” The cornetist wrote the bulk of Rainbow Sign while caring for his father, who passed away as the LP was taking shape. The resulting album is an intimate, moving tribute.

Rainbow Sign is set for release on October 9 via Blue Note Records. Listen to “The Rumor” below:


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