Romain Collin releases ‘Tiny Lights: Blood’

The second section of his concept album, ‘Tiny Lights…’

Tiny Lights: Blood, the second part of pianist Romain Collin’s tripartite concept album Tiny Lights…, is out today.

The 15-minute release opens with the searing “There Will Be Blood,” followed by the somber “Dark Matter.” It closes with “Red Snow,” and though the instrumentals are plenty different, they are all cinematic in their own ways.

Tiny Lights… charts a boy’s journey towards self-realization as he follows his ‘tiny lights,’ which Collin described in a statement as “a reflection of your personal and unaffected blueprint.” As one might expect from its title, Tiny Lights: Blood gets into a hopeless chapter of the album’s narrative: specifically, “resistance and bloodshed, the eradication of the old to give birth to the new,” a statement explains.


The album will be out in its entirety once the last section, Tiny Lights: Gold, drops May 24. In the meantime you can stream Tiny Lights: Blood here:

And watch a new video of Collin performing “Follow,” from the album’s first part, Tiny Lights: Genesis, below:


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