Romain Collin drops ‘Tiny Lights: Gold’

The third and final part of his concept album, ‘Tiny Lights…’

Last Friday, pianist Romain Collin dropped Tiny Lights: Gold, the third and final part of his tripartite concept album, Tiny Lights…

Included in the closing chapter are four new songs: “Gold,” “Overflow,” “Reprise” and “Repeat and Fade.” In a press release, Collin explained that the concept of Tiny Lights… is “an original and personal narrative about a boy on a journey to realize his purest essence.”

The record features Collin on piano and the bass synthesizer with Obed Calvaire on acoustic and electronic drums and Matthew Stevens on electric guitar. Collin previously released Tiny Lights: Genesis and Tiny Lights: Blood. Stream the entirety of Tiny Lights… below:


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