Romain Collin drops first part of new album, ‘Tiny Lights: Genesis’

It's a three-part concept album.

Last Friday, pianist Romain Collin dropped Tiny Lights: Genesis, the first section of his three-part album, Tiny Lights…

The album follows a boy’s journey towards self-realization by following his ‘tiny lights,’ which Collin described in a statement as “a reflection of your personal and unaffected blueprint.” He added, “They symbolize the ceaseless intuition that flickers deep within, they push you to follow your true north, to pursue a vision that belongs to you, and you alone. They are the expression of your primal life force and drive you to become all you can become.”

The Genesis section comprises the attention-grabbing cut “Follow,” which boasts overtones of rock and trip hop, “Los Angeles” and the soaring “Tiny Lights that Move and Speak,” which experiments with vocal looping. It will be followed by Tiny Lights: Blood (out May 3) and Tiny Lights: Gold (out May 24).


Besides piano, Collin also played bass synthesizer on Tiny Lights…, supported by Obed Calvaire on acoustic and electronic drums and Matthew Stevens on electric guitar.

Stream Tiny Lights: Genesis below.


And watch Matthew Palmer’s evocative video for “Tiny Lights that Move and Speak” here:

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