Resavoir, Brandee Younger are “Taking Flight” on new release

    The group’s eponymous debut album arrives in June.

    Will Miller of Resavoir. Image: Crystal Zapata / International Anthem official Facebook

    Chicago improvisational collective Resavoir have dropped a new song titled “Taking Flight.”

    The vibey tune, which features harpist Brandee Younger, is equal parts dynamic and enchanting. “This song is about the nervous excitement of taking flight both literally, in an airplane, and also figuratively, in an improvisational context, where you completely unchain yourself from expectation and do something you didn’t think was possible,” the outfit’s band leader Will Miller said in a statement.

    “Taking Flight” is the third track released from the collective’s forthcoming self-titled album, following “Resavoir” and “Escalator.”

    Stream “Taking Flight” below: