Resavoir announce debut album with eponymous single

A beautiful, winding journey.

In January, Resavoir put out their first-ever song, the vibey “Escalator.” Now, they’ve officially announced their eponymous debut album with the single “Resavoir.”

The gorgeously dynamic single is a compelling sample of the Chicago collective’s sound, which, though described as lo-fi, is anything but unpolished. Bandleader Will Miller’s arrangements seamlessly incorporate entrancing woodwinds, hectic saxophone work and even field recordings of seagulls by the shore. At points, the song threatens to fall apart, but regains composure just in time.

Resavoir will drop online June 28 and in LP/CD format on July 26. It arrives via International Anthem, which recently released albums by Angel Bat Dawid and Makaya McCraven.


Stream “Resavoir” here:

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