PYJÆN release chill yet dynamic new single, “Creation”

    Their vision of the very moment the universe came into being.

    Image: PYJÆN official Facebook

    London quintet PYJÆN—pronounced “pie-jan”—have released their sophomore single “Creation.”

    Equal parts squelching funk, jazz and Afrobeat, “Creation” showcases an array of instrumentation. Though laid-back, the track remains dynamic and compelling.

    “For ‘Creation,’ we embraced earthy textures, rhythms and bright melodies in an attempt to capture the sound of the moment the universe was created,” the group explained in a statement on Bandcamp.

    In the last month, PYJÆN have played at Glastonbury and announced a record deal with DeepMatter. They’ve also been touring the UK in support of “Creation” and their first single “Nah.” Their debut album will be out in September.

    Listen to “Creation” now: