Preservation Hall Jazz Band release “Keep Your Head Up”

A potent dose of sonic joy.

Preservation Hall Jazz Band have released “Keep Your Head Up.” This joyous new song, which features vocalist Eme Alfonso, is taken from A Tuba to Cuba, the soundtrack to their documentary of the same title.

The documentary, directed by TG Herrington and Danny Clinch, captured the band’s 2015 visit to Cuba and bandleader Ben Jaffe’s attempt to trace the link between New Orleans jazz and indigenous Cuban music. It was released in February.

“We had never experienced a moment like this, it felt as though all roads were intersecting at once,” Jaffe said in a statement. “The impact visiting Cuba had on us will live with us both individually and as a band forever. We’re still absorbing everything we experienced.”


A Tuba to Cuba’s 12-track soundtrack, which Jaffe has described as a “beautiful conversation” and an experience akin to “listening to the radio,” is out this Friday. Listen to “Keep Your Head Up” now:

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