Pat Metheny announces new album with “America Undefined”

One of ten compositions on ‘From This Place,’ due out next year.

Pat Metheny has released “America Undefined,” a new single from his forthcoming album From This Place.

The majestic 13-minute composition is the opening track of From This Place, Metheny’s first new record since 2014’s Kin (←→). Backing the guitarist on the album were longtime drummer Antonio Sanchez, bassist Linda May Han Oh and pianist Gwilym Simcock. Metheny also enlisted the Hollywood Studio Symphony, led by conductor Joe McNeely.

From This Place is one of the records I have been waiting to make my whole life,” Metheny said in a press statement. “It is a kind of musical culmination, reflecting a wide range of expressions that have interested me over the years, scaled across a large canvas, presented in a way that offers the kind of opportunities for communication that can only be earned with a group of musicians who have spent hundreds of nights together on the bandstand.”

From This Place is out February 21, 2020 via Nonesuch. Listen to “America Undefined” below:



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