Nubiyan Twist share new tracks “Portraits” and “If Only”

Featuring singers CHERISE and Ruby Wood, respectively.

UK jazz collective Nubiyan Twist have unveiled two new songs: the CHERISE-assisted “Portraits,” and “If Only,” featuring Ruby Wood.

On “Portraits,” CHERISE deliver powerful vocals over booming horns and a funky bassline. “Let’s paint a portrait / Showing all the colors of our love / Let’s paint that portrait / Hang it high above,” she sings.

“If Only,” on the other hand, contrasts Wood’s laid-back vocals and tender piano chords with a fast drum tempo. Later in the track, Nubiyan Twist member Tom Excell delivers a groovy electric guitar solo.

“Portraits” and “If Only” are Nubiyan Twist’s first new releases since their sophomore LP, Jungle Run, which dropped earlier this year. Listen to their new songs below:



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