Nick Hakim collaborates with Roy Nathanson on “Moonman”

From their upcoming joint album ‘Small Things.’

Psych-soul artist Nick Hakim and saxophonist Roy Nathanson have announced the collaborative album Small Things with the release of its first track, “Moonman.”

The duo build a psychedelic soundscape out of the space between muted keys, hazy brass instrumentals and airy melodies on “Moonman.” The track received a music video directed by Mike Swoop that casts Hakim and Nathanson as spacemen on an expedition to the moon in search of their album.

Both musicians met when they worked on New York jazz supergroup Onyx Collective’s 2020 album Manhattan Special. Following a performance with the group in which Hakim sang one of Nathanson’s poems, the pair made time to explore their collaborative potential.


“Nick just stood behind my old fender Rhodesm played the chords for ‘Moonman’ and ‘New Guy to Look at’ and I played along and that was that,” Nathanson recalled in a statement. “Of course we spent the next almost year working out the arrangement’s re-recording and doing the work that you do, but that was really that.”

Small Things will be released on April 16 via Onyx Collective’s label NYXO. Watch the video for “Moonman” below:

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