Moses Boyd announces debut album with new single, “Only You”

‘Dark Matter’ is due out early 2020.

British drummer Moses Boyd has announced his debut solo album, Dark Matter, with the new song, “Only You.”

The atmospheric track, which draws from metal and electronica, is the second preview of his forthcoming solo record, following his October single “Stranger Than Fiction.” “I still love jazz, but this is something different,” Boyd said of the record’s sonic direction in a press statement.

“There’s been no pressure or expectation of anything. There was no immediate need to do anything, so I was really free. A very liberating experience,” Boyd added. “It’s a very produced record. Many different sounds, setups, places and music taken from different places and sessions but I feel like finally it sounds like I’m a producer that also plays jazz.”

Dark Matter is due out February 14 via Boyd’s own label Exodus Records. Earlier this year, Boyd appeared on Fyah, the solo album of Sons of Kemet’s tuba player Theon Cross.


Listen to “Only You” below:


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