Meditate to Mark Turner, Ethan Iverson’s “Temporary Kings”

The duo’s new ECM single is avant jazz at its most contemplative.

Saxman Mark Turner and pianist Ethan Iverson have been playing together in various groups since the ’90s. But it took the jazzmen almost two decades to cut a record as a duo. Temporary Kings is their debut album, off ECM, and its title track has just been released.

“Temporary Kings” is a balletic affair, bringing poise, dexterity and cool calm to contemporary avant jazz. Turner’s idiosyncratic sax takes the lead here, pouncing and prancing around the spaces left behind by Iverson’s stream-of-consciousness melodies. Although untethered to any sort of rhythm, the track churns with a slow-burning energy that only decades of musical chemistry can summon.

Temporary Kings drops on September 7. In the meantime, listen to the title track here:


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