Mary Halvorson’s Code Girl release new album ‘Artlessly Falling’

Hear the group’s follow-up to 2018’s ‘Code Girl.’

Mary Halvorson’s Code Girl have released their new album, Artlessly Falling.

Led by 2019 MacArthur “Genius” Halvorson, the group last recorded together on the 2018 LP Code Girl. The new record includes contributions from vocalists Amirtha Kidambi and Robert Wyatt, tenor saxophonist Maria Grand, bassist Michael Formanek, percussionist Tomas Fujiwara and trumpeter Adam O’Farrill.

The main difference between the two releases, Halvorson told Happy Mag last month, is the level of preparation they had under their belts. “The previous Code Girl record, we kind of, got together, practised, played maybe two gigs, and then we went right into the studio,” she said. “Everything was really new, it was a new band. This time it wasn’t a new band, so we had already established something of a sound and a rapport, but also we did an entire tour, like a two-week tour, and then another couple of performances before recording.”


Artlessly Falling benefits from Halvorson’s occasional improvisations, giving the album a lively quality that can only be sparked by a troupe of seasoned musicians bouncing off one another. The eight-track release started as a collection of diverse poems written by Halvorson in various forms, ranging from haiku to free verse. Once the lyrics were penned, Halvorson’s group came together to craft an engrossing experimental soundtrack.

Listen to Artlessly Falling here:

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