Mammal Hands share new album ‘Captured Spirits’

The British trio’s first release since 2018.

Mammal Hands have released their new album Captured Spirits.

Released on Gondwana Records, Captured Spirits is the British trio’s first release since their 2018 three-track EP Becoming. The LP is carefully balanced across its 11 tracks, effortlessly weaving each instrument together into a free-flowing, explorative soundscape. Bright percussion, soft saxophone and urgent piano build a brooding atmosphere on album opener “Ithaca,” and the album closes out with “Little One,” a beautiful, minimal piece composed in tribute to drummer Jesse Barrett’s newborn daughter.

“I think with this record, there was a strong and renewed sense of collective enjoyment and appreciation for the process and each other’s contributions,” Barrett shared in a statement. “After a long period of touring and a slow build up to the actual recording sessions we were able to mull over ideas for long periods, build on lessons from the past and pull our playing connection to an even deeper place. Realizing each other’s visions for the whole and clearly understanding how they intersect.”


Listen to Captured Spirits below:

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