Makaya McCraven reimagines Gil Scott-Heron’s ‘I’m New Here’

    Listen to ‘We’re New Again’ now.

    Makaya McCraven, 'Universal Beings'
    Image: Leslie Kirchhoff / Makaya McCraven official site

    Makaya McCraven has released his new album, We’re New Again, a reimagining of the late Gil Scott-Heron’s I’m New Here.

    On the new record, McCraven mixes Scott-Heron’s original session recording with samples from improvised live sessions with Chicago jazz musicians. The LP also makes use of vintage samples from recordings by McCraven’s parents, who were also musicians, according to a press release. He previously previewed the album with “Where Did the Night Go.”

    We’re New Again is the second reimagining of Scott-Heron’s I’m New Here. Back in 2011, Jamie xx released a remixed version of the record titled We’re New Here.

    McCraven’s last full-length release was 2018’s Universal Beings, which features the songs “Suite Haus” and “Young Genius.” Listen to We’re New Again below: