Makaya McCraven documentary on ‘Universal Beings’ released

You can also listen to an album of outtakes, or ‘E&F Sides,’ now.

Makaya McCraven has released the E&F Sides of his 2018 album Universal Beings and a new documentary about the making of the record.

The Chicago jazz drummer announced the dual releases last month with the song “Mak Attack.” It’s one of 14 tracks on the collection of outtakes, which comes up to a total runtime of 45 minutes—which though impressive, makes some sense when you think about the sprawling, 22-track album it’s meant to accompany.

The documentary, directed by Mark Pallman, captures not just the recording of Universal Beings across four cities, but also dives into the philosophy of the album and its use of loops. The 26-minute film also gives insight into McCraven’s upbringing and relationship with his parents, who were both acclaimed musicians.


Earlier this year, McCraven reworked Gil Scott-Heron’s final album I’m New Here, and released the results as the LP We’re New Again.

Stream Universal Beings E&F Sides here:


And watch the documentary below:

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