Makaya McCraven bridges jazz and house on “Suite Haus”

Another hypnotic cut off ‘Universal Beings.’

Makaya McCraven has released “Suite Haus,” another track off his forthcoming album, Universal Beings.

This new track comes a couple weeks after the drop of “Young Genius,” which was recorded in New York. “Suite Haus,” on the other hand, was recorded in London with Nubya Garcia on tenor saxophone, Ashley Henry on the Rhodes piano, and Daniel Casimir on double bass.

Particularly notable about “Suite Haus” is its transition from a sweet introduction to a “darker, grittier” section, McCraven told AFROPUNK, who premiered the track.


“The intro section was just Nubya playing a melody. We were setting up a groove, an African kind of vibe with this triple kind of feel and rim-shots, which give it a woody, organic sound,” the jazz drummer said.

“And then when it flips to, like, a house track, that’s where there’s a lot of tight chopping and then a bit of overdubbing to develop the track… You start to get that hard, looping feeling of contemporary sound of electronic music because of the tighter chopping, and after that we’ve kind of transcended into a different realm.”

Listen to “Suite Haus” ahead of Universal Beings’ release on October 26:


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