Listen to Teotima’s sophomore LP, ‘Weightless’

The album is a celebration of “friendship, creativity, love, meditation and progress.”

Weightless, the second studio album from London-based jazz ensemble Teotima, has arrived.

The laid-back record, which is described as a celebration of “friendship, creativity, love, meditation and progress,” collects seven tracks that are influenced by traditional sounds from across the globe, including East Africa, Brazil and the Caribbean.

In a statement, the group’s musical director and guitarist Greg Sanders explained that the album was the result of “being happy.” “You create your own happiness. It’s a discipline and a practice, learning what works and then remembering to do those things,” he said. “So that’s how I try to approach the music as well, bearing in mind moods and happiness.”


Stream Weightless below and let Teotima lift your spirits.

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