Listen to Taylor McFerrin’s new album, ‘Love’s Last Chance’

McFerrin steps up to the microphone.

Neo-soul producer and Brainfeeder affiliate Taylor McFerrin is back with his sophomore album, Love’s Last Chance.

McFerrin, whose work on his first album Early Riser was mostly instrumental, is placing his vocal chops front and center this time around. “I think we should learn to love each other / But now that I can see it in your eyes / I can say you think to change your mind,” he croons on the icy “Love and Distance.” On the ethereal “I Would Still,” McFerrin weaves his voice against an otherworldly synth-line dripping in reverb, singing,“This is how you will picture your life to be / I know it’s not easy to try to feel, oh free.”

“My vocals on this record, this is like the first time I really tried singing and stuff, so I’m not trying to come out competing with [his father Bobby McFerrin] vocally at all,” he explains in an interview with NPR.


In contrast to his debut albums wealth of features, McFerrin’s follow-up keeps them to a minimum. Acclaimed flutist Elena Pinderhughes pops in for the instrumental “As You Are,” and Anna Wise lends her voice to the glitzy “Memory Digital.”

Listen to Love’s Last Chance here:

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