Listen to Rudy Royston’s new album, ‘Flatbed Buggy’

The follow-up to 2016’s ‘Rise of Orion.’

Jazz drummer Rudy Royston dropped his third LP, Flatbed Buggy, last Friday.

Enlisting Gary Versace on the accordion, John Ellis on bass clarinet and saxophone, Hank Roberts on cello and Joe Martin on bass, the bandleader seamlessly blends jazz with Americana and blues to create compositions that feel nostalgic and cinematic at the same time.

Flatbed Buggy opens with the light-hearted “Soul Train,” and finishes with the brief and aptly titled “I Guess it’s Time to Go.” But it’s on the standout “Bobblehead,” where Royston gets to shine with an impressive drum solo.  


The record, which collects a dozen songs including three interludes, is inspired by Royston’s childhood in rural Texas. “I remember sitting with my brothers and my friends in a flatbed buggy up a dirt road in the woods,” he shared in the album’s promo clip. “It’s that image of childhood and what’s coming—the joy of it and the mystery.”

Stream Flatbed Buggy below:

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