Listen to PYJÆN’s majestic self-titled album

A fusion of funk and ’20s jazz.

Last Friday, PYJÆN released their self-titled debut album. Over seven tracks, the London quintet seamlessly fuse their influences of ’20s jazz, Afrobeat, funk and more.

According to their website, the band described their latest work as “their joy, their happiness, their worries, and experiences [coming] together in one unified higher identity.”

Album highlight “Steve” builds on a disquieting bass refrain, as pensive hi-hats and somber guitar licks herald for a shimmering trumpet solo. “Waiting for Perry” signals a refreshing change in mood, picking up the pace with triumphant horns and marching snares.


PYJÆN previously released their EP Prologue in 2017. Listen to their self-titled album below:

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