Listen to Nick Walters’ new single, “Dansoman Last Stop”

The trumpeter returns with a new album in 2020.

British trumpeter Nick Walters has returned with a new song, “Dansoman Last Stop.”

The track evokes the buzzing spirit of a travel interchange in southern Accra, Ghana, and was inspired by Walters’ journey through West Africa several years ago, his Bandcamp page explains.

“Dansoman Last Stop” previews the musician’s forthcoming album, Active Imagination. The LP “is the result of the bringing together of musicians for a day in the studio,” Walters wrote on Bandcamp, and was recorded “with minimal rehearsal, to collectively experiment and improvise in the moment—in contrast to the more composed and structured recordings of the Paradox Ensemble album Awakening.”

Awakening, his full-length with The Paradox Ensemble, was released in January 2019. That record was also his debut on British label 22a.


Active Imagination arrives January 31, 2020. While you wait, listen to to “Dansoman Last Stop” below:


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