Listen to Maisha’s new album, ‘There is a Place’

An all-enveloping debut from these purveyors of spiritual jazz.

Here’s the latest from London’s thriving jazz scene: Maisha’s fresh debut album, There is a Place, out on Gilles Peterson’s label Brownswood Recordings.

Led by drummer Jake Long, the spiritual jazz outfit includes prolific saxophonist Nubya Garcia, keyboardist Amané Suganami, bassist Twm Dylan, guitarist Shirley Tetteh as well as percussionists Tim Doyle and Yahael Camara-Onono.

There is a Place is a lush, transportive listen, as the evocative song titles—“Azure,” “Eaglehurst / The Palace”—hint at. “I wanted everything to sound as one thing, how it might be when you listened to an album back in the day,” Long told Bandcamp Daily.


“Imagine yourself going on a journey, and the music’s the tool to get you from this really intense dramatic scene into something really beautiful and quiet, then taking you somewhere else,” he added.

Buckle up and stream the album below:

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