Listen to GoGo Penguin’s film-inspired song, “Time-Lapse City”

A preview of their ‘Ocean in a Drop: Music for Film’ EP.

London jazz trio GoGo Penguin have released a jaunty song titled “Time-Lapse City.”

The atmospheric single is a taste of the group’s forthcoming EP, Ocean in a Drop: Music for Film, a collection of five tracks inspired by Godfrey Reggio’s 1982 documentary Koyaanisqatsi. “The film has a great score already, but we really enjoyed… writing music for film, so that provided the inspiration for Ocean in a Drop,” pianist Chris Illingworth said in a statement.

“Performing the soundtrack live is hugely demanding—both physically and mentally—and the recording [of the EP] was no different,” he added. “We recorded the tracks together live like we have with our previous recordings, not overdubbing and layering individual parts together.”


Ocean in a Drop: Music for Film is the follow-up to GoGo Penguin’s 2018 album, A Humdrum Star. The EP arrives October 4 via Blue Note Records.

Stream “Time-Lapse City” here:

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