Listen to Dan Rosenboom’s new album

    ‘Absurd in the Anthropocene’ is out now.

    Dan Rosenboom Absurd in the Anthropocene album
    Image: Aubre Hill

    Absurd in the Anthropocene, the new album from Los Angeles trumpeter Dan Rosenboom, has arrived.

    The record, which Rosenboom has described as a response to “our modern world in a way that is reflectively critical yet frenetically joyous,” features a total of 11 songs. The tracklist includes the previously released songs “Still” and “Lemonade,” the latter featuring contributions from Gavin Templeton, Tim Conley, Tim Lefebvre and Zach Danziger. “Nebulounge” and “Forget What You Know” were collectively improvised by Rosenboom alongside Templeton, Lefebvre, Danziger and keyboard master Jeff Babko. Babko also helped produce the LP.

    “When I’m playing music with my compatriots, the world feels right, at least for a moment,” Rosenboom said of the collaborations on the album. “It’s about returning to ‘the now.’”

    Stream Absurd in the Anthropocene below: