Listen to Buddy Rich’s uptempo version of “Wind Machine”

A taste of the late drummer’s last-ever recording session.

Buddy Rich’s estate and independent British label Gearbox Records have released the late drummer’s uptempo take on “Wind Machine,” recorded in 1986.

The song opens with an announcer introducing Buddy Rich as “the world’s greatest drummer.” It then dives headfirst into a scrambling, syncopated drum beat courtesy of Rich, accompanied by frantic descending piano notes and a lively brass section.

Rich’s version of “Wind Machine” will be included on the forthcoming album, Just in Time: The Final Recording. The record is a collection of songs from the late drummer’s last-ever recording of a 1986 live performance at Ronnie Scott’s Club in London. The influential drummer passed away shortly after, in 1987, from a heart attack after being treated for a brain tumor.

Check out “Wind Machine” here:



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