Listen to a new live album by Vijay Iyer, Craig Taborn

‘The Transitory Poems’ was recorded at Budapest’s Franz Liszt Academy last year.

Acclaimed pianists and improvisers Vijay Iyer and Craig Taborn have released The Transitory Poems, a collection of live recordings the duo made at the Franz Liszt Academy in Budapest last year.

Iyer and Taborn first played together in 2002 as part of Roscoe Mitchell’s Note Factory, a band both describe in a performers’ note as the “crucible” their duo formed in, “in pursuit of music unique to its moment of creation.” Iyer has said that that band helped cultivate in him “a certain quality of listening: how to navigate, how to give way to each other, how to build together.”

The album’s title stems from a 1994 interview with pianist Cecil Taylor, in which he reflected on the transience of human life: “We are a part of, and we are probably the quickest in terms of duration of life. We are the transitory poems. The mountains will be here, and perhaps we will be part of a mountain.”


The penultimate track of Iyer and Taborn’s album, “Luminous Brew,” is dedicated to Taylor. The Transitory Poems also pays tribute to Geri Allen and Muhal Richard Abrams, among others.

Stream the album below:

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