Konstrukt, Keiji Haino explore the fringes of free jazz

The Turkish avant garde jazz ensemble and Japanoise guitarist link up on an elemental, energetic live improv album.

Combine Sonic Youth’s noise excursions, John Zorn’s effortless cool and Sun Ra’s electronic/fusion phase, and you might reach the cosmic heights of Konstrukt and Keiji Haino’s newest album. Which has a mouthful of a name: A Philosophy Warping, Little by Little that Way Lies a Quagmire (Live).

The two-track album is a live performance of the 2017 record of the same name, and is taken from a concert at Istanbul’s SalonIKSV. It hears Konstrukt, an established free jazz group from the Turkish capital, and Tokyo-based noise icon Haino embark on an adventure to the outskirts of jazz and improv.

Simply put, the album’s full of the ferocity, urgency and life-giving energy you’d expect from modern-day avant garde jazz. Konstrukt’s multi-instrument virtuosity and motorik-style groove lay the groundwork for Haino’s electric guitar explosions and violent, horrorshow vocals. A Philosophy Warping is not a sit-back listen—it’s meant to lean into.


The album drops on August 31 via Karl Records, but here’s a snippet to whet the appetite:

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