Katy B remixes Moses Boyd’s single “2 Far Gone”

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of the drummer’s album ‘Dark Matter.’

To help celebrate the first anniversary of his debut album Dark Matter, jazz drummer Moses Boyd has tapped Katy B to remix his Joe Armon-Jones collab “2 Far Gone.”

Once a lively jazz track laden with a busy shuffle beat and frantic piano, this “vocal mix” recasts the song as a soulful dance track. The flurries of Armon-Jones’ keys are replaced with Katy B’s own R&B-styled vocals, enabling the song to focus on her melodies atop the rhythm and flow of Boyd’s lauded production and percussion work.

“I’m really honoured to link up with Moses on this remix to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Dark Matter,” Katy B shared in a statement. “Such a fan of Moses and the album, so really excited to be part of it. The lyric ‘Too far gone’ felt like something that you’re trying to hold on to but too much has happened to be saved. The instrumental has such an energy and drive but also a darkness and drama to it so I wanted to explore that feeling of an internal battle, trying to find a way to let go.”


Katy B’s remix marks her first release in almost five years, following the release of her 2016 album Honey.

Critically acclaimed upon release, Dark Matter was nominated for the 2020 Mercury Prize, ultimately losing to Michael Kiwanuka’s eponymous LP. The new “2 Far Gone” rework is Boyd’s first release to follow his 2020 collaboration with Kelsey Lu and Yves Tumor, “let all the poisons that lurk in the mud seep out.”

Listen to “2 Far Gone (Vocal Mix)” here:


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