Kassa Overall announces his new album with “Show Me a Prison”

‘I Think I’m Good’ will be his first release for Brownswood.

Drummer and backpack jazz producer Kassa Overall has released “Show Me a Prison,” a new track from his forthcoming album I Think I’m Good.

The somber single is Overall’s take on Phil Ochs’ “There But For fortune,” which was popularized by Joan Baez. Overall muses on the injustice of the US prison system as well as his struggles with his mental health, closing the track with a recorded cameo by revered activist and scholar Angela Davis.

“Show Me a Prison” also features contributions by J Hoard. Other artists like Joel Ross, Theo Croker, Melanie Charles and Vijay Iyer also appear on I Think I’m Good.

“Mental instability or hyper-sensitivity was something that felt too taboo to talk about,” Overall said in a statement about the album. “I want to show the world that mentally sensitive people are the innovators of our society, and hopefully set a new standard that includes a healthy way of life and embracing our unique perspective on reality.”


I Think I’m Good will be released on February 28 via Brownswood Recordings. Listen to “Show Me A Prison” here:


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