Kamaal Williams to helm the 70th DJ-Kicks mix

Listen to mix exclusive, “Wivout U.”

British producer and keyboardist Kamaal Williams—aka Henry Wu—will curate the next DJ-Kicks mix, due out in November.

The forthcoming 29-track mix will feature work from the likes of Japanese DJ Seiji and the enigmatic Diggs Duke, as well as exclusives from Williams, such as “Wivout U” (under his Henry Wu moniker), “Shinjuku” and “Strings.”

“The main aim of this mix for me was to give praise and pay my dues to the forefathers, the originators [of] London’s underground scene,” Williams said in a press statement. “From the likes of Dego, Seiji and Steve Spacek, through to contemporaries like K15, Tenderlonious or myself, it’s about connecting the lineage and giving respect to the creators—those undervalued heroes of this British dance landscape who deserve more recognition today.”


The previous DJ-Kicks mix was helmed by South Korean DJ Peggy Gou in May, following Laurel Halo’s February contribution to the series. Williams’ DJ-Kicks mix arrives November 8 via !K7, but you can stream “Wivout U” now:

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