Kamaal Williams previews his DJ-Kicks mix with new EP

Four songs of his that appear on the 29-track mix.

Kamaal Williams has released an EP of four tracks that will appear on his forthcoming DJ-Kicks mix.

On November 8, the jazz keyboardist will release his 29-track mix for DJ-Kicks. This EP collects Williams’ contributions to the mix, including the previously released track “Wivout U,” which Williams has released under his real name, Henry Wu.

Also included are a rendition of “Snitches Brew,” performed live in Atlanta, and “Strings (ATL).” Both recordings were taken from a performance Williams did for Adult Swim with American collaborators Greg Paul, Marlon Spears, Quinn Mason and Jitwam.


In a press statement, Williams gave more context on the Adult Swim performances: “I had never played with Quinn (saxophone) before, and when he asked ‘What are we gonna play today?’ I said, ‘Today we are not playing, we are feeling…’ He nodded and proceeded to blaze out melodies which drew intergalactic forces into our vibrations.”

The piano-driven track, “Shinjuku,” was the opening music from a live show Williams performed in Tokyo earlier this year. “When I listened back to a recording of the gig, I realised how many emotions are portrayed through the music,” Williams said. “Takeshi Kurihara sang (on his sax) and softened the hearts of the universe.”

Preview Williams’ DJ-Kicks mix with these four tracks below:


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