Julian Shore releases new album, ‘Where We Started’

The pianist’s first record since 2016.

Pianist Julian Shore has released Where We Started, his first new album since 2016’s Which Way Now.

The intricately composed record features a band Shore carefully selected from previous tours and projects: for example, Shore had previously played with saxophonists Caroline Davis and Oded Tzur on their own respective projects. Guitarist Ben Monder also appears across Where We Started alongside Dayna Stephens, bassist Edward Perez and longtime drummer Colin Stranahan.

In a statement, Shore detailed the time that elapsed since his last record: “The last few years have been about looking inward and recognizing that, while we perceive them as different, exploration of an emotion or a place can be one and the same. All of our experiences shape us, and we can’t really choose which ones we express. True musical honesty requires self awareness and, hopefully, acceptance.”

Shore’s new album is his first to lack singers, but vocal music still appears in the mix through his interpretation of Carlo Gesualdo’s 16th-century madrigal “O Vos Omnes” and Gil Evans’ arrangement of Gershwin’s “Oh Bess, Oh Where’s My Bess.” The mix of Shore’s own music alongside the renditions of others makes for a rich, personal album that speaks to the pianist’s unique presence in modern jazz.


Listen to Where We Started below:


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