Jeff Parker releases new song, “Go Away”

From his forthcoming album, ‘Suite for Max Brown.’

Tortoise guitarist Jeff Parker has released “Go Away,” a track from his upcoming solo album Suite for Max Brown.

Parker is backed by bassist and co-producer Paul Bryan and drummer Makaya McCraven on the hypnotic, funky number. It’s the penultimate track on Suite for Max Brown, which is named for and dedicated to Parker’s mother, Maxine Brown.

The record comes four years after Parker’s solo album The New Breed, which Parker said in a statement “became a kind of tribute to my father who passed away while I was making the album… I thought it would be nice this time to dedicate something to my mom while she’s still here to see it.”

Last month, Parker released a short film for the album’s closing track “Max Brown.” Suite for Max Brown arrives January 24 via International Anthem and Nonesuch Records. Listen to “Go Away” here:



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