Jazzmeia Horn releases sophomore album, ‘Love and Liberation’

A call to action.

Last Friday, vocalist Jazzmeia Horn released her anticipated sophomore album, Love and Liberation.

Horn made her debut with the Grammy-nominated record Social Call in 2017. “Social Call was mostly a call to social awareness, and Love and Liberation is a call to action,” Horn told NPR. “So now that we know what’s going on in our society, let’s do something about it, starting first with yourself.”

Love and Liberation features previously released singles “When I Say” and “Green Eyes,” the latter of which is an Erykah Badu cover. There are also two tracks with guest artist Jamison Ross. The first, “Only You,” features beautiful spoken-word poetry about a couple questioning what the other is thinking.


The following track, “Reflections of My Heart,” showcases both singers’ exquisite vocals. The melodies flip from soothing to haunting without warning, bringing focus to the tensions that underlie many a relationship. “I believe there’s a doorway to me, inside you / I perceive a sure way to love, honest and true,” the chorus goes, hinting at learning and growth through each other.

Listen to Love and Liberation now:

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