Jazzmeia Horn releases infectious new song, “When I Say”

Vocal mastery.

Dallas-born singer Jazzmeia Horn has released “When I Say,” a new cut from her forthcoming sophomore LP, Love and Liberation.

Horn deftly splits the difference between big band flamboyance and the intimacy of a smaller outfit with her crisp, commanding vocals and captivating scat singing. The song, she revealed to WBGO, was written in the voice of her two toddler daughters.

Horn’s debut 2017 LP, A Social Call, was nominated for a Grammy last year. Fast-forward to 2019, and Love and Liberation is ready for an August 23 release.


“For me the two [love and liberation] go hand in hand and they both describe where I am in my life and career right now,” Horn revealed in a press release. “An act of love is an act of liberation, and choosing to liberate—oneself or another—is an act of love.”

Listen to “When I Say” now:

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