Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra, Wynton Marsalis drop new LP

Listen to ‘Jazz and Art’ here.

The highly regarded Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra have released their Jazz and Art LP, featuring longtime music director Wynton Marsalis.

The band are at their creative peak on the new record, where they draw inspiration from works by artists such as Romare Bearden, Stuart Davis and Sam Gilliam. While “Stuart Davis for the Masses: The Mellow Pad” sounds like a golden age jazz track, other cuts like “Blue Twirl” explode with a roar of sound before mellowing down. The sonic responses by the orchestra to different art pieces are fascinating.

“Music and paintings share so many characteristics: colors, layers, line, form [and] shape,” saxophonist and orchestra member Ted Nash said in a statement. “No wonder they are such agreeable collaborators. When these two art forms come together, they create a new medium.”


Stream Jazz and Art here:

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