Jane Ira Bloom, Mark Helias share improvised quarantine album

They collaborated on ‘Some Kind of Tomorrow’ remotely over the internet.

Saxophonist Jane Ira Bloom and bassist Mark Helias have released Some Kind of Tomorrow, an improvised duo album they worked on during coronavirus lockdown.

Bloom (soprano saxophone) and Helias (double bass) worked on the 11-track record together over the course of 2020, collaborating remotely online. The two recorded simultaneously in their respective homes and combined the tracks together in post-production, Helias explained in a Facebook post. “The first time that Jane and I improvised together through Wi-Fi sometime in April or May 2020 was a very high experience on so many levels,” he said in a statement.

“We were sorting out the possibilities of making music remotely and assessing the technology and our relation to it. Once we made peace with the situation and the medium, listening, feeling, hearing and responding was the same as it ever was.”


Bloom added, “There is a vibration between us that’s uncanny given the circumstances and a deep need to play what was real to us just then. It’s as real as it gets for two musicians who needed to create music together to try to find some way to mend the world.”

Listen to the adventurous title track and purchase Some Kind of Tomorrow in its entirety via Helias’ Bandcamp below.

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