Jamie Cullum opens up on new album, ‘Taller’

It’s been five years since the English musician released a record.

Last Friday, Jamie Cullum released Taller, his eighth studio album. It comes five years after his last record, Interlude.

The album opens with the previously released title track, which sees Cullum turn knowingly self-deprecating references to his height into a bold love song. The ten-track record also features the single “Drink,” which the English musician revealed on Twitter was the song that “started it all” for the album.

In a recent interview, Cullum described Taller as one of his most “personal” and “vulnerable” releases, saying it was “made by someone interested in telling more truths about thoughts and processes and confusions and worries and loves and dislikes and hates and everything in-between.”


Stream it here:

And head to Cullum’s YouTube channel to watch videos of album cuts performed live at Craxton Studios in London.

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