Jamie Cullum looks back on his youth in new video for “Drink”

A track from his latest album, ‘Taller.’

Jamie Cullum has offered fans a rare glimpse into his childhood through his new music video for “Drink.”

The track offers a softly descending piano progression, delicately leaving space for Cullum to sing about enduring the bleak times we all go through. “Pain, pain is just part of your day, so suck it up, learn how to play,” he advises.

The track’s video weaves moody scenes of Cullum skulking around a dilapidated house with cuts of old home videos and childhood cartoons like He-Man. The mix of Cullum’s past and present makes for a wistful experience, one that the British artist intended.


“For ‘Drink’ I really wanted to take a look at the idea of reflecting back on your journey through life,” he explained in a press release. “Sometimes it’s the smallest things that we remember from our youth or formative years, even if they aren’t the most important that affect us the most.”

“Drink” is part of Cullum’s eighth album Taller, which dropped at the start of June. Watch the music video now:

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