Jacob Collier releases “With the Love in My Heart”

From the first volume of a mammoth project, ‘Djesse.’

Jacob Collier is back with “With the Love in My Heart,” from the first volume of an ambitious, 40-song project titled Djesse.

The opulent new track by the British multi-instrumentalist mutates several times over the course of its seven minutes, capturing orchestral music, funk, soul, and even sprinkles of trap percussion and African rhythm in its sprawl. It’s a little busy, but the savvy Collier slows it down to a glacial, emotional pace for the last few minutes.

The song, like the rest of Djesse’s first volume, is a collaboration with the Dutch ensemble Metropole Orkest under the direction of English conductor Jules Buckley. Other musical guests on the first volume include Laura Mvula, the Moroccan gnawa musician Hamid El Kasri, and a cappella groups Voces8 and Take 6.


The first volume of Djesse will be out December 7. Listen to “With the Love in My Heart” below:

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