Jacob Collier releases new video with Kimbra, Tank and the Bangas

“In My Bones” is a taste of Collier’s ‘Djesse Vol 3.’

British musician Jacob Collier has shared a video for “In My Bones,” featuring Kimbra and Tarriona Ball of Tank and the Bangas.

Collier’s eccentric sound pairs perfectly with Raul Gonzo’s otherworldly music video. The clip features bizarre shots of Kimbra and Collier dancing in bright costumes, while Ball appears on the screen of an old-school television set. Later in the visual, Collier plays Operation with Kimbra’s body, much to the singer’s dismay.

“More than ever before, this is a time for celebration of our humanity, for understanding and empathy, for our communal creative energy to elevate people’s spirits and remind us of what life is about,” Collier said in a statement. “The world is a family, and that even during times as difficult as these it’s possible to bring joy to each other, to be loving irrespective of proximity, and to embrace the time we have to ourselves and with our loved ones to reflect, recharge and reimagine the world as we would like it to feel.”


“In My Bones” is the second single from Collier’s upcoming album, Djesse Vol 3, following “Time Alone With You” with Daniel Caesar. The record is due out later this year, but an official release date has yet to be revealed.

Watch the video for “In My Bones” here:

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