Jacob Collier releases “It Don’t Matter” featuring JoJo

A life-affirming single from ‘Djesse—Volume 2.’

Young English composer Jacob Collier has released “It Don’t Matter” featuring JoJo. It’s the final single from his next album, Djesse—Volume 2.

“It Don’t Matter” is a sunny, life-affirming tune. Collier and JoJo’s melodic vocal delivery flow perfectly with the endless assortment of keys and triumphant progressions on the track.

JoJo is just one of myriad collaborators on Djesse, Collier’s four-album suite. Its first volume was released last December, and the second one will arrive next Friday.


“With more than ten collaborators featured from all around the world—all the way from Portugal to Mali, who have each pioneered these worlds in their own right and are true heroes of mine, [Djesse—Volume 2] joins more of my musical dots and unifies a multitude of musical universes, concluding the first half of this year’s musical journey,” Collier said of the new record in a statement.

Besides “It Don’t Matter,” the second Djesse volume will also feature an ambitious take on “Moon River” and a cover of The Beatles’ “Here Comes the Sun,” featuring dodie.

Watch the fun lyric video for “It Don’t Matter,” edited by Collier, here:


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